Boxing/Muay Thai/BJJ/Bootcamp Beginners’ Courses

4-WEEK introductions

Boxing/Muay Thai/BJJ/Bootcamp Beginners’ Courses
Boxing/Muay Thai/BJJ/Bootcamp Beginners’ Courses

A series of 4-week introductory courses to the main classes taught at DBMA are staring in September. Friendly, supportive beginners’ classes in a professional and welcoming combat gym. Limited spaces in each class.

Each just £20 for a 4 week course – or sign up for all 4 for just £50.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ): Saturdays at 11am to 12pm starting 14th September

Thai Boxing: Mondays 6pm to 7pm starting 16th September

Boxing: Thursdays 6.30pm to 7.30pm starting 19th September

Boxercise/Bootcamp: Wednesdays 6pm to 7pm starting 18th September

Sign up online HERE.


Who is the course for?

This course is open to anyone aged 16+, regardless of how experienced or how unfit you are. We have members who train into their 70s. Age is no barrier to combat sport training.

Whether you wish to compete or just to train for the social/fitness/sporting side, we encourage members of all backgrounds to join DBMA

We know that walking into a combat gym or class can sometimes be daunting. These courses are a way of learning the basics with a group of likeminded individuals who are also beginners.

If you have any heart conditions, or any other illnesses, which would usually mean you require a doctor’s note before physical exercise then you will need to obtain that before training. The safety of all participants is paramount and we reserve the right to refuse training and refund entry if you require medical approval and do not provide it.

Where is the training held?

Training is at DBMA Gym, The Northern Echo Arena (old footy stadium), Neasham Road, Darlington, DL2 1DL. It is easily reached by car or by bus and there is ample free parking. The gym is a full time professional club and has showers and changing rooms.

What so I need to bring/wear?

All you need to wear is comfortable training clothes. If you have gloves you may bring them, but don’t worry if not, we have plenty of gear to borrow. Please attend training clean and tidy, with clean clothes. Hygiene is an important part of respecting your training partners, your instructor and the gym.

For BJJ – be prepared to train barefoot and make sure you do not have any zips or other metal fastenings.

For Muay Thai – be prepared to train barefoot and please wear loose shorts or gym leggings

For Boxing & Bootcamp – please bring indoor trainers

Will I get hit/hurt

While combat sports are ultimately about contact, there will be no sparring in the Thai boxing or boxing courses – this is about learning the fundamentals and getting to grips with how the sports work. With BJJ, you will have to train grappling with a partner, but it is all very controlled – drilling movements rather than live grappling.

What if I want more information?

Please email, call 01325 468088 and ask for Michael or message us on FB/Insta (find “DBMA Darlington”)